K3 Grade 3, Chapter 21


Writing Psalms

In Chapter 21, you learned that King David wrote many of the psalms. They are songs of praise to God. People pray the psalms to God in thanksgiving for all His goodness. Do you think you could write a psalm? Of course you can! All you need is a prayerful heart that loves God!

Here is some help for writing your psalm. We can write your first psalm together. It will be about God's blessings to us. Download and print the activity below. Fill in the blanks to create your psalm. You can look in Chapter 21 for ideas. Maybe you can ask one of your parents to help you. Let's begin!

You can decorate this paper and share it with your family. You can write more psalms on your own! Make a little booklet out of them! Leave the booklet near your bed and pray to God with your psalms!

Click here to download the activity.