K3 Grade 3, Chapter 19

Following God's Commandments

In Chapter 19, you are learning about the Ten Commandments. They remind us how to live as people of God. Sometimes following the Commandments is easy. Other times, it can be a challenge to live as God wants. Living the commandments means more than just following rules. We are free to act in many loving ways!

Look at the commandments listed below. After each one, there is another sentence. It tells how we can live each commandment every day! After you are finished reading, find the words in UPPERCASE in the puzzle. Click the link below to download and print out the puzzle and find the words! There are four extra words in the puzzle. Can you find them as well?

  • I am the Lord your God. You shall not have other gods before me.
    (This means that we follow ONE GOD. Say a thank you prayer to God tonight.)
  • You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.
    (Speak to God in PRAISE and thanks. Thank Him for all His wonderful blessings!)
  • Remember to keep holy the Lord's Day.
    (Go to Mass and WORSHIP God. Ask someone to take you to Mass during the week, as well as on Sunday.)
  • Honor your father and mother.
    (HONOR your parents by telling them you love them. Treat them with respect, too.)
  • You shall not kill.
    (Work to PROTECT life. Stick up for someone who is being teased.)
  • You shall not commit adultery.
    (RESPECT others. Remember that we are all children of God.)
  • You shall not steal.
    (Be GENEROUS with what you have. Giving to others is very special.)
  • You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
    (Remember: HONESTY is the best policy!)
  • You shall not covet your neighbor's wife.
    (VALUE all people and treat them with respect.)
  • You shall not covet your neighbor's goods.
    (APPRECIATE all that you have. Thank God for your blessings!)

Click here to download the activity.