K3 Grade 3, Chapter 1


St. Patrick

Patrick stood on a green hill in Ireland, surrounded by many curious people. He was searching for a way to explain the Trinity to them. In the past, the people had worshipped many gods. They didn't understand how there could be only one God. They also didn't understand how one God could have three persons—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Patrick looked down at his feet. He was standing in a patch of Irish shamrocks that curled around his toes. Each of the little plants had three leaves on one stem. Patrick had an idea! He picked up a shamrock in his hand and held it high for all to see. He told his listeners that just as the shamrock's three leaves join to form one plant, so there are three persons in one God.

The people smiled and nodded their heads. Patrick felt glad. He had been able to help them understand.

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