K3 Grade 1, Chapter 24

Talking To Jesus

Do you want to talk to Jesus?

You learned about prayer in Chapter 23. Praying is talking to God. Jesus wants you to talk to him. He loves to talk to children! In the Bible, there is a special story about Jesus and the children. Do you know the story? Download the story or you can read it here!

One day, Jesus was very tired. He had been teaching the people all day! He sat down on a rock to rest. As he sat down, a group of children walked up to Jesus. They had been waiting all day to visit him! They wanted to talk to him, too!

Some of Jesus' followers tried to stop the children. "He is too tired to see you now," they said. "You shouldn't bother Jesus."

Then, Jesus spoke. "Let the children come to me," he said. "Do not stop them. They are special members of God's family. The children love God very much."

Then, Jesus opened his arms. He welcomed the children. He hugged each one of them and blessed them.

--Based on Mark 10: 13-16

Jesus welcomes us like this each time we pray to Him. When do you talk to Jesus? Draw a picture of Jesus blessing the children. Hang it somewhere so it will remind you to pray to Jesus.