K3 Grade 2, Chapter 22


Morning and Night Prayers

When do you talk to God? Do you pray in the morning when you wake up? Do you talk to God about your day before you go to bed? Do you pray before you eat a meal? You can pray to God at any time! Some people pray together as a family. Others take some time to talk to God alone. Here are some ideas for praying to God.

In the morning, you can thank God for a beautiful day. Before you get out of bed say, "Thank you God for this morning. Please stay with me all day long! I love you!"

You can ask God for help during the day. Here is an example: "Jesus, please help me to be nice to others. One person keeps teasing me. Please help me to treat others with kindness."

You can praise God at any time of the day. You might say, "God, you are so wonderful! You care for us so much!"

If you do something wrong, you can tell God you are sorry. Try saying something like this: "God, I made someone sad today. I was very mean. I told someone in my class that he could not play with us. I am very sorry. Tomorrow I will try to act with more kindness."

Now you have some examples of how to pray. On page 193 in your book, you can read about morning and night prayers. You can even write your own prayer! Your prayer can be long or short. It can be for the morning or the night. You can thank God for something or ask for God's help. Maybe you can do both! Use the paper on the bottom of the page in your book to write your prayer. Then, decorate it and put it in a special place. You can share your prayer with your family!