K3 Grade 3, Chapter 16


"The Calming of a Storm at Sea"

In Chapter 16, you learned about Jesus' miracle at Cana. A miracle is a powerful sign of God's love for us. It is something only God has the power to do. Read the story below to find out about another miracle.

Jesus was spending the day preaching to a large crowd of people near the sea. He told them many stories about God's love for them. When it was almost dark, Jesus said to his disciples, "Let's get into this boat and cross to the other side of the lake." As the group left the shore, Jesus fell asleep in one corner of the boat.

Suddenly, the wind started to blow. It started to toss the boat back and forth. Waves crashed over the sides. The boat started to fill with water. Finally, one of the disciples woke Jesus.

"Jesus," he said, "don't you realize that we are in trouble? We are going to drown!"

Jesus stood up. He looked at his disciples and then at the raging sea. He lifted his arms and shouted, "Quiet! Be still!"

With those words, the wind died down and the sea became calm. The disciples were amazed!

Then Jesus spoke to them, "Why were you scared? Don't you know that God the Father will take care of you? Where is your faith?"

The disciples looked at each other. They asked each other, "Can you believe this? Even the sea and the wind obey him."

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