K3 Grade 2, Chapter 16


A Prayer for Meals

You are starting to learn about the Mass. In chapter 16, you read the story of the Last Supper. Jesus shared a special meal with his friends. He thanked God for the food they ate. The meal we share together as Catholics is the Mass.

You share many meals with your family at home. Do you thank God for your blessings before you eat? Do you give thanks for your food after you eat? Now, you can write your own prayer to thank God at mealtime. You can invite your whole family to help!

  1. Download and print the prayer. You can fill in the blanks below to write your own "Thank You" prayer.
  2. At dinner time, you can ask everyone in your family to pray the Sign of the Cross.
  3. Then you can read the prayer. You can read it yourself, or ask everyone to take a turn reading each day.
  4. When you are finished reading, give everyone a chance to talk. Ask everyone to say one thing they are thankful for that day.
  5. When you are finished, you can eat your meal together. You can continue talking to your family while you eat.
  6. You can color the prayer sheet and put it in a special place to use again.

Praying and talking together makes us closer as children of God. We become closer as a family. You will learn a lot about your family by spending special time with them.


Click here to download the prayer.