K3 Grade 1, Chapter 21

A Bible Story

You read about forgiving others in Chapter 21. Sometimes, our words hurt others. Sometimes, we do not act with kindness. When this happens, we need to ask others to forgive us. Here is a story from the Bible. In this story, a man needs to ask his father for forgiveness.

A father had two sons. He loved them both very much. He wanted them to be happy. The father owned lots of land. He was very rich. The father planned to give half of the land to each son. But, they would not get the land until after their father died.

One day, the younger son went to his father. He said, "I want my part now! I will take the money and go to live in another place."

The father was very sad. He loved his son so much! Why did his son want to leave home? But, the father gave his younger son his part of the land. The son sold it. He went to the city. He threw many parties. He bought many new things. The son never talked to his father. He did not even talk to God! He did not work. He only went to parties.

Soon, the son had no more money left. All his new friends left him. The son was very sad. He wanted to go back home. He finally got a job on a farm. The son worked all day, but he had no food. He ate with the pigs on the farm. Finally, the son decided to go home.

The father was out in the field. He saw his younger son coming down the road. The man was so happy! He ran out to the road and gave his son a big hug. His son was surprised! He said, "Father, I am so sorry for what I did. I was really mean to you. I was selfish. You do not need to give me anything. Just let me work on your farm. I do not deserve to be treated like your son. Just treat me like one of your hired workers."

His father was so happy to see him. He said, "I am going to throw you a party because you came home. You are my son and I love you. I forgive what you did. You will live with us again. You will be part of our family."

God is like the forgiving father. When we do something wrong, God forgives us if we are sorry. We can also forgive the people who hurt us. It feels good to forgive someone.