In-Service Models


Quick Start for Catechists
Quick Start for Religion Teachers



Dear Catechetical Leader,

The following PowerPoint presentation provides you with a two-hour process to introduce your catechists or Catholic school teachers to the core content of the new National Directory for Catechesis (NDC). The presentation treats the Introduction and Chapters 1-8 of the NDC. Discussion questions are included at appropriate points. Attention to chapters 9 and 10 is not included since these chapters provide information more useful to catechetical leaders. The presentation is in the format of a read-only file so you cannot make alterations to it.

To download the presentation, right click on the link below, choose 'Save Link As...' and choose a download location on your hard drive.

NDC Powerpoint Presentation



Additional in-service meeting models are available to you in the Faith First Legacy Edition Parish Program Directors Manual and the Faith First Legacy Edition School Supplements Religion Coordinators Manual