K3 Grade 2, Chapter 6


Making a Diorama

In this chapter, you read about John the Baptist. John preached along the banks of the Jordan River and he baptized people. Follow the directions below to make a diorama of John the Baptist at the Jordan River. You may need some help from an adult or an older brother or sister.

  1. Find a box about the size of a shoebox.
  2. Discard the top of the box and turn the box on its side so that you look into the box.
  3. Use construction paper, glue, fabric, paint, string and other items you can find around the home to create a scene.
  4. Design and make a scene of John the Baptist along the banks of the Jordan River and all the people that came to hear him and be baptized.
  5. Show your diorama to people and tell them about John the Baptist.