K3 Grade 1, Chapter 14

The Loaves and the Fishes

One day, Jesus was teaching more than 5,000 people. The people were far from home and did not bring any food with them. It was late in the day, and they were hungry.

Jesus saw that the people needed something to eat so he called his disciples over to him. Jesus' disciples looked at each other. They were confused and very surprised that Jesus would ask them to feed so many people.

Just then a young child came up to Jesus. The boy had five loaves of bread and two fish in a large basket. He offered the bread and fish to Jesus.

Jesus was very pleased with the child's offering. Jesus blessed the loaves and the fish and then gave them to his disciples. "Give the people something to eat," Jesus told them. Jesus' disciples did not understand how so little food was enough to feed so many people, but they did as Jesus told them.

An amazing thing happened! There was plenty of food for everyone to eat. When everyone was finished eating, the disciples collected the leftover food. There was enough food to fill twelve baskets. Everyone was very surprised and excited. They knew that Jesus had just done something wonderful for them. They knew that Jesus loved them and cared for them very much.

--Based on Matthew 14: 13-21