Prayer Services 

Here you will find resources for Prayer Services needed throughout the year and for special seasons. From Advent and Lent, to Prayer Services for natural disasters or sick children. This will guide you through the start to the end of the Catechetical Year.

Adult Spirituality 

Adult Spirituality is an important and continual journey throughout your life. The resources here are created to help adults review the foundation of their faith, grown in their faith, and guide them through this life-long formation.

Administrative Tools

The Adminstrative Tools for Program Directors are intended to assist all Directors whether new or seasoned. The Tools include a Director’s Manual, help on evaluating educational curriculum, teacher self-evaluation forms, and more.


This extensive catalogue of articles covers a wide range of catechist topics. From serving the families of today, to working in a multicultural community, to reclaiming a dynamic model from the New Testament, and much, much more.