K3 Grade 2, Chapter 25 & 26


Special Prayers

In chapters 25 and 26, you learned about the Our Father. Jesus taught us that special prayer. We pray the Our Father at Mass. Do you pray the Our Father at home? What other prayers do you say?

Today, you can make a booklet of some special prayers. You already know the Our Father. Do you know the Hail Mary? We can pray the Hail Mary to ask for her help! Do you know the Glory Be? It is a very short prayer. The Glory Be is a prayer to God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

There are so many prayers! Some prayers are printed in books. The most wonderful prayers are the ones that come from your heart! God wants to hear those prayers very much.

In your prayer book, download and print out the pages for the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. On the last page, write a prayer of your own. You can staple the pages together to make the booklet. Put it in a special place when you are finished. It might help you remember your prayers!

Click here to download the prayer book.