Students 4-6

Grade 6, Chapter 13


Some Fun Facts About Baptism

Did you know that . . .

. . . in the early Church, it was recommended to baptize new Christians in running water, such as a river?

. . . only after a person was baptized was he or she allowed to learn and pray the Lord's Prayer?

. . . in the early Church, there was very little preparation needed before a person was baptized?

. . . sometimes the anointing with chrism was very elaborate and the oil covered most of the body?

. . . today many parish churches have reclaimed the ancient practice of immersing a person to be baptized in water?

. . . the ancient order of the sacraments of initiation was Baptism, Confirmation, and then Eucharist?

. . . some baptisteries were decorative separate buildings?

. . . in the first 300 years of the Church's history, the local bishop usually celebrated Baptism, Confirmation (called Christmation), and Eucharist with new Christians?

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