Students 4-6

Grade 4, Chapter 2

Moses and the Burning Bush

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One day can change a life. In one day, Moses went from leading sheep through the wilderness to leading a whole people, the people of Israel! Here's how it happened...

Narrator: As Moses went about tending flocks in the land of Midian, he noticed something strange. A bush seemed to be on fire—but its branches weren't burning up. Moses felt puzzled. He had lived in desert countries all his life, and he had never seen anything like this! He came closer. Then he heard a voice, although no one was anywhere near.

Burning Bush: Moses, Moses!

Moses: Here I am!

Burning Bush: Remove your shoes, for the place where you stand is holy ground. I am the God of your ancestors.

Narrator: Moses was terrified. He pulled off his shoes and hid his face from the brilliant light. His people believed that no one could see God and live.

Burning Bush: I have seen the suffering of my people who are slaves in Egypt. I want to rescue them, to lead them into a land flowing with milk and honey. I want you, Moses, to bring them out to freedom.

Moses: You want me to do this great task?

Burning Bush: You are the one I have chosen. I promise that some day you and all my people will worship me on this very mountain.

Moses: But, my Lord, when the people ask me who sent you to us, what shall I tell them? What is your name?

Burning Bush: I AM! Tell the Israelites, "I AM sent me to you."

Narrator: Hearing this name, Moses realized that the One speaking to him was the One whose faithfulness never changes. This One was God, the creator of all. Truly Moses was on holy ground! He was filled with awe.

Moses wandered far for the rest of his life. He traveled back to Egypt as God had asked. EventuallyMoses did lead the chosen people through the desert toward the Promised Land. However, Moses died before the people actually reached the Promised Land. But, for as long as Moses was alive, he knew that everywhere he traveled was holy ground, since all the earth belonged to the Creator God, the One who cared for the people of Israel. For as long as Moses lived, he loved to speak with the One who had called to him from the burning bush.