Students 4-6

Grade 4, Chapter 13


A First-Hand Account

In Chapter 13 you read about manna. Here is the entire story as told by a young person your age who experienced God's miracle.

It was a time of miracles, believe me. My people, the Israelites, were brought out of slavery in Egypt by God's saving might. But that was only the first miracle!

I'll never forget seeing Pharaoh's troops chasing us. Just when we thought we were free, Pharaoh changed his mind and wanted all of us back in Egypt to continue as his slaves.

Some of us had slowed down because we had run out of hope of escaping, but just then--up ahead of us--the Red Sea opened up. A dry pathway was waiting for us! How could this be? Our whole group started to run. We all made it to the dry pathway with Pharaoh's troops right behind us. When we all got to the other side of the sea and looked back, we couldn't believe our eyes! Pharaoh's troops were swallowed up by the sea walls that collapsed on them. Every soldier drowned.

But our story doesn't stop there. We were still a long way from our homeland and in the middle of a large desert. How could we survive without food for our journey? We started to complain to one another.

One morning we woke up to find all this white stuff all over the ground. Our leaders picked some up and tasted it. It was very sweet and tasted like honey. Instantly we all recognized that God had sent food for our journey, even when we doubted his love for us. Then God told us to gather enough manna (that's what we called this delicious food from God) for only one day. That was to teach us how to trust that he would provide more the following day. And he did! Over and over again, we collected one day's worth (except on the day before the Sabbath--then we collected two days worth to last through our holy day as well).

We learned a lot about God during our journey through the desert to the Promised Land. And guess what? God cares about you in the same way.

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