Students 4-6

Grade 5, Chapter 11


Make a Banner for Your Favorite Liturgical Season

There are many reasons to celebrate, don't you agree? We celebrate birthdays, graduations and weddings. We prepare for these celebrations by thinking about others, decorating our homes and dressing in a special way. Our Church is the same way. There are many celebrations and preparations that occur in the course of the church year. You can tell by listening and looking around your church!

When the church enters a new season of the liturgical year, there are many signs. The colors of the altar cloths and priests' vestments change. The readings at Mass tell a special story or give a certain message. The songs and symbols on the altar signify that the church has entered a special time.

You can celebrate along with the assembly at your church. You can create a banner for your favorite liturgical season. Look at the chart below. Choose your favorite liturgical season. Be creative and choose material or paper with the color for that season. Place symbols on the banner that remind you of that time. For instance, you might choose the season of Advent, preparing for Jesus' birth. Take some purple felt and in pink letters, write, "Jesus is coming...Prepare your heart!" Some other symbols you might use could include evergreen sprays, a star or some candles. Then, you can hang your banner in your room, on your refrigerator or in your classroom. Maybe you can continue to make some banners throughout the year to remind you of the Church's celebrations. Have fun!