Students 4-6

Grade 4, Chapter 10

The Work of Food Pantries

In many communities, local churches have joined other associations to provide food and other kinds of help for those in need. One way this works is through the use of a food pantry or food shelf.

People who ask for aid from the food pantry are called clients. When they come in, they are given a shopping cart. They are then allowed to choose the kinds of healthy foods and other products their families need.

Food pantries can provide all these services because many people donate their time. Volunteers come in each day to help stock the shelves, or perhaps serve meals to the clients. Some of the volunteers are young people who come in with their families or church groups. They discover that helping to feed others in this way can be an important way to follow Jesus.

Is there a food pantry in your area? Find out how you might help.

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