Family Guide


Now families can do faith formation with ALL of their children at ONE time!

The Faith First At Home Family Guide is a visionary, yet practical approach to family learning and faith sharing. Now you can respect the schedule demands on today's families as parents gather with ALL of their children at the same time and still provide age-appropriate catechesis.

The Faith First At Home Family Guide provides 27 interactive sessions designed to be used at home with the children's Faith First student books. The unique session design allows children of various ages to learn on their own levels, yet discuss, pray, and complete activities together with the whole family.

  • Easy-to-use chapters help families develop faith with children of various ages
  • FREE online resources available for every family member at
  • Affordable and flexible tool for family catechesis, religious education family clusters, neighborhood groups, and home schooling

Easy-to-understand overview of each lesson theme.

Lessons correlate to Faith First student book chapters. Complete lesson plans include every grade level at ONE time!