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Faith First® Kindergarten

Meet our "Faith First Kids" who guide young children through 24 engaging lessons that lay a foundation for the stories (Scripture), beliefs (Doctrine), and celebrations (Liturgical Year) of our Catholic faith!

Child's Book
Young children will enjoy and identify with the "Faith First Kids" whose delightful stories are woven throughout Faith First Kindergarten. These adventures and experiences are designed to capture your children's enthusiasm and sense of wonder as they begin to build their identity as Catholics. Nurturing their faith age-appropriately, this book introduces your children to the Bible, basic Catholic beliefs, and the liturgy.

Teacher/Catechist Guides
The complete guide for schools and parishes offers helpful background essays, easy-to-use lesson plans, and parent pages.

Family Resource Book
Partner with your children's parents through reproducible pages that summarize the weekly lesson and suggest family activities to reinforce learning.

Music CD/Music Book
Kids LOVE music! These lively songs—based on biblical, liturgical, and doctrinal themes—help children celebrate our Catholic faith! A book of accompaniment music and lyrics is also available.

Additional Activities Book
Choose from two extra reproducible activities per chapter to enhance formation and engage your children!

Supplemental Videos
Enter Francesco's Friendly World with two 30-minute videos to help young children reflect on the themes of Christmas, community service, Easter, and more!


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