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Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Feast Day: July 31

Sometimes we get sick. We lie in bed and think about what we will do when we get well.

Once, Ignatius was very sick because a cannonball had broken his leg in a war. After getting well, he went back to school to learn more about Jesus. He was 30 years old.

Soon Ignatius wrote a book about how to live a good life. He wanted people to pray to God and work for others. He wanted them to find God’s love in everything that happened in their lives.

When Ignatius was 49, he and six other men decided to do two things. First, they would teach people about Jesus at home. Second, they would do this in far away places, too.

Soon, many other men joined Ignatius and his followers. They spread the good news of God’s love all over the world.

Ignatius died when he was 65. But his work lives on. He asked his followers to give glory to God by doing good. Ignatius did that. And so the Church calls him a saint.

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