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Choice and Consequence
See how your choices affect your day.

Color God's Creation
Answer questions to color God's Creation.

Choice and Consequence
See how your day turns out depending on the choices you make.
In the Know
Choose a topic from the list, then pick a letter to fill in the blanks and see if you are "In the Know!"
Grade 4 – Grade 6

The Gospel Writers
The Liturgical Year Colors
Marks of the Church

Parts of the Mass
The Sacraments
The Seasons of the Church Year
Grade 7 & 8

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Moral Virtues
Theological Virtues
The Titles for Jesus
Books of the New Testament

Books of the Old Testament
Law or Pentateuch
Historical Books
Poetry and Wisdom Books
The Prophets

Take a Walk!
Use your arrow keys on your keyboard to follow the path to answer the questions!

Prayer Walk
Kindergarten – Grade 3

Faith Walk
Grade 4 – Grade 6

Faith Journey
Grade 4 – Grade 6

Faith Journey
Grade 7 & 8

Try These Fun Games!
Kindergarten – Grade 3

Signs of God's Love

Design a Church

Little Lamb Exam

Magnetic Poetry
Drag the words with your mouse to create poetry!

Kindergarten – Grade 3

Grade 4 – Grade 6

Grade 7 & 8

Strain Your Brain!
Strain your brain with this fun quiz!

Kindergarten – Grade 3

Grade 4 – Grade 6

Grade 7 & 8

Match the pictures!

Symbols of the Church
Kindergarten – Grade 3

The Reading Nook
Kindergarten – Grade 3

The River Road Adventures
Grade 4 – Grade 6

Paint a Picture!
Kindergarten – Grade 6

Jesus with the Children

The Lion and the Lamb

The Holy Family

More Fun Games!

Build a Church


Finish the Sentence

Can you answer all the questions to start a balloon launch?

Can you answer all the questions to start a boat race?

Answer the questions
to meet Jesus on the hill.

Unscramble the puzzle
to hear a story!

Crossword Puzzle
Grade 7 & Grade 8

Are you good at crossword puzzles? Give this one a try!

Watch and Listen!
Kindergarten – Grade 3

The Prayer of
St. Francis

The Our Father

The Canticle of the Sun

Morning Prayer and Nighttime Prayer

Psalm 148

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