• Use these prayer services to kick off the catechetical year. One is for use with catechists; the other is for use with all program participants and parents.
• Use these Weekly Reflections to help you center yourself as you carry out your ministry.
• Consider offering an Advent Evening of Reflection for catechists. Follow this simple plan.
• Share a new prayer with catechists each month.
• Looking for something for parents? Consider using these parent letters.
• Consider offering a Lenten Evening of Reflection for catechists. Just follow this simple plan.
• Invite catechists to share their best teaching ideas with other catechists by holding a Swap and Share Workshop.
• Do you know catechists who need more confidence when it comes to praying with children. Try these resources.
• Share a new Catechist Formation article with catechists each month.
• Use this prayer service to celebrate the catechetical year.
• Need some tools for program evaluation? Try these.


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