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1) Please note: By customer request and for issues of privacy we do NOT keep permanent records of email addresses or student scores.
2) Email addresses must be filled in correctly in both the 'To' and 'From' fields for the quiz results to be sent successfully.
3) Many ISPs (internet service providers and their email servers) filter some email accounts as SPAM (junk mail) automatically by origination address, i.e. some email accounts like AOL mail, MSN hotmail, etc. may be automatically seen as suspect and filtered by the receiver's email server. This is due to increasing problems with 'spammers' on the internet. The Faith First web server is not an email server, it only passes the quiz results to the receiver's email server and we have no control over their parameters for spam control.
4) If you are having difficulties sending or receiving Chapter Review results, please check that the addresses are being spelled correctly, and if so, try using a different email address in the case the email might be seen as 'spam' by either the ISP or the receiver's email client. If you're still having issues, please let us know here and specify any email errors you may have received and what email addresses you are attempting to use to aid us in troubleshooting the issue. Thank you!

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