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This web site is designed to enhance and enrich your sacrament preparation. The site is interactive and can be used in a variety of ways. Below are some suggestions to help you:
  • Navigate the site,
  • Give you an idea when to use each section in relationship to the RCL Benziger Sacraments program,
  • And help you get the most out of this extensive and engaging resource.

Technical Tips:

The following technical tips may help you in tailoring your visit to RCL Benziger Sacraments Online to suit your specific needs.

1. Plug-ins: The following plug-ins are required to view the downloadable PDF files, listen to audio, or to play the games on this site. Click on the link to download the latest plug-in:

2. Web Site Window Size: If you would prefer that this web site load in a larger size on your monitor, all you need to do is adjust your monitor settings.
  • On a PC or IBM, simply go to your start menu and access your settings file. From your settings file, select your Control Panel. Within the Control Panel select the icon that says, "Display." There you will be shown a separate pop-up menu form which you will select the tab that says, "Settings." On the right of the "settings" menu, you'll find a sliding bar that allows you to adjust the size of your desktop area. Slide the bar to "Less" (to the left) to make the objects on your screen appear larger. Slide the bar to "More" (to the right) to make the objects appear bigger.

  • On a Mac, go to the Apple Menu located in the upper left hand corner of your screen and select "Control Panels." From there, select "Monitors" or "Monitors & Sound." When you do this, you'll be shown a pop-up window from which you will select the monitor ratio 640 x 480 in order to make the windows on your screen appear larger.
3. Refreshing your Cache: Occasionally, when we update the site or make changes, some of our web site users are unable to see these changes. This is a common problem with any web site and is very easily fixable. In short, once a web browser has opened an internet page, the page is stored in the browser's temporary memory or "cache." Storing the page in your cache, allows your browser to load the page faster and more efficiently. However, depending on your browser's settings, every once in awhile, it does not recognize updates that have been made to the page. Refreshing your cache empties this temporary memory and allows your browser to load the page anew. To do this:
  • In Internet Explorer, go to the top tool bar in your browser window and select the button that says, "Tools." The "Tools" menu will appear as a drop-down box from which you'll select "Internet Options." Your computer will display the "Internet Options" Menu in a different box. In the middle of that box, you will see a section that is labeled "Temporary Internet Files." Select the button that says, "Delete Files." It may take a few seconds to delete the files. Once this is done, close the Explorer Window, so that it can reset. Once you launch Explorer again, you'll be able to see updates to the web page.

  • In Netscape, go to the top tool bar in your browser window and select the button that says, "Edit." From the "Edit" menu select "Preferences..." Scroll down and select the "Advanced" option. Click the button that says "Clear Disk Cache Now." This will allow you to reload and see the most recent edition of the page.

Before the preparation period begins:

  • Look over the web site to get a grasp of its contents and breakdown.

  • Look at the two age levels and groupings of activities and determine which level is appropriate for your youngster--ages 7-10 or ages 11-14.

  • Review the topics to get an idea of the scope and types of resources included on this site.

  • Read the article titled "What is Restored Order?" Since Restored Order may be a new concept for your parish community or for you, we have included this essay to help you understand its history and origins.

  • If your parish is celebrating the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist at the same time or Confirmation prior to First Eucharist, then you will also be interested in reading the FAQs section to help answer any additional questions you may have about Restored Order.

During the preparation for sacraments:

Kids Ages 7­10 and Kids Ages 11-14

  • Children and young people will want to begin playing the games immediately and throughout the entire preparation period. The Faith Focus Review game is dedicated to specific chapters in the child's book or the handouts for older children. The Concentration and Unscramble games will also be helpful throughout the chapters.

  • Walkthrough of the Rites is a fun way to help youngsters go step-by-step through the ritual celebration of the sacrament. They will build understanding and meaning for the gestures, words, and actions that are a part of the sacrament celebration.

  • The Responses can help your child to participate more fully in the sacramental celebration. Children love to know what to say and when they will say it! This audio interactive section will instill confidence, and can be a fun family activity.

  • Scripture Stories will help expand the scripture from each chapter in a fun and engaging way. Knowing the story from each chapter will help your child with these activities.

  • Tour of the Church is a fun way of learning about the environment in which we Catholics worship. This section can be reviewed throughout the preparation process. After several visits to this tour, take your child on a tour of your own parish church. Be sure to point out both the similarities and differences between your parish church and the church tour on the web site.
Parents & Families
  • Ask Father Bob allows you to see what kinds of questions other parents have regarding the sacraments, preparing children for sacraments, as well as questions regarding their own faith and understanding. Questions are easy to submit and responses will be provided in a timely manner.

  • FAQs Here you will find answers to parents' most common questions regarding sacrament preparation.

  • Gospel Reflections is a way for you to connect sacrament preparation with the Sunday gospel. This section changes weekly according to the liturgical year and is ongoing throughout the entire year. Refer to this section each week during preparation as well as after the celebration.

  • Mealtime Prayer For your family help to make the connection to the Eucharistic meal your child will soon share.

  • Reach Out provides service ideas to help make the connection between learning about our Catholic faith, experiencing our faith in sacraments, and living our faith in the world.

  • Scripture Stories There are so many wonderful Scripture stories that speak to our understanding and experience of sacraments. The Scriptures included in this section are in addition to the stories found in the child's book or handouts for older children.

  • Together as a Family offers activities for those families looking for ways to bring family members together during this special time of sacrament preparation.

  • Video Guides The RCL Sacrament program uses videos from the Faith FirstŠ religion series with the sacrament preparation period. Everyone loves watching videos and this guide identifies video segments that have particular application to the sacraments.

  • What Difference Does it Make? At the end of each chapter your child is asked, "What difference does it make?" Given what we believe as Catholics and how we worship and pray that belief, what do we DO about it? This site extends that particular part of the lesson and gives an interactive way of responding. This correlates with each lesson and can be used to extend each chapter.

After the celebration of the sacrament:

  • Looking Back is specifically designed to be used immediately AFTER the celebration of the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist. By reflecting together with your child on the experience of the sacraments, your child will begin to recognize that this has been a time of preparation for a lifetime lived with the gifts of the Holy Spirit--as well as a lifetime of being nourished at the table of the Eucharist.

  • Gospel Reflections can continue to connect the Sunday liturgy with the sacraments. Use this section for many weeks after to continue to help make the connection between what we hear each week and how we celebrate and live our faith!


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