Year A
Fourth Sunday of Lent
March 26, 2006

Read Sunday's Gospel, John 9:1-41.

Gospel Summary
Using saliva and earth, Jesus made a paste to heal the blind man. The healing became a true conversion for the man, but created some problems for Jesus with the Jewish leaders. Because this healing took place on the Sabbath, the Pharisees accused Jesus of breaking Jewish law. The Pharisees tried to get confirmation of this action from the blind man's parents and from the blind man himself. In the end, the authorities were unable to charge Jesus with any wrongdoing and had to recognize that Jesus was gaining many disciples.

Reflection for Families
In order to help our children follow the light of Christ, we too must open our eyes. As Jesus helped the blind man understand, it is not enough to see only with our eyes. We need also to see with our hearts and allow our every action to reflect this sight. Jesus healed the man of his blindness, but in the end the man recognized Jesus as the Messiah and worshiped him.

Bringing the Gospel Into Your Family
Make an effort today (or sometime this week) to really see God in our lives. This may take some time and deliberation, but take a walk together and look for signs of God in the beauty of nature. Talk about ways God has helped you see with your heart, and suggest ways you can share the sight of your heart with others. You might bring some of your findings to your family's prayer space.

Discussion Starters
1. My eyes were really opened when...
2. The hardest thing for me about being blind would be...
3. The most precious thing I've seen with my heart is...

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