Program Director’s Manual

You can find additional support and resources in RCL Benziger’s Confirmation Program Director’s Manual. A table of contents is provided below.

Welcome 5
Tap into Your Resources: Confirmation Components 6
Program Philosophy 7
Scope and Sequence 8
Models for Using RCL’s Confirmation Program
 Part One • For the Program Director
Program Preparation
About This Section
Role of the Catechist, Family, Sponsor, and Assembly 14
Using RCL’s Sacraments Web Site 16
Using the Candidate and Sponsor Covenants 17
Guidelines for Planning the Celebration of Confirmation 18
Liturgy Planning Worksheet for Confirmation 19
Rite of Confirmation 21
Checklist for the Program Director 25
Professional Articles  
—Readiness for the Sacraments 26
 —The Holy Spirit and the Sacraments of Christian Initiation 27
—Rituals and Symbols in the Preparation of Sacraments 28
—Canon Law and the Initiation Sacraments 30
—Initiation: Incorporation into Christ 32
—Call to Mission 34
—Mystagogy 36
Confirmation Program Evaluation  
—For Candidates 38
—For Catechists 39
—For Sponsors 40
—For Parents 41
—For the Director 42
 Part Two • Prayer and Retreats  
About This Section 45
Covenant-Signing Ritual 46
Evening of Reflection 48
Worship Aid: Evening of Reflection 50
Communal Reconciliation Service 52
Retreat Planning 54
Half-day Retreat   55
Full-day Retreat 58
Overnight Retreat 62
Symbols of the Holy Spirit 67
A Letter to Myself 68
Part Three • For the Catechist  
About This Section 71
Orientation Session with Confirmation Catechists 72
Working with Younger and Older Teens 77
Opening Rituals 79
Tips for Leading Prayer 80
Gathering Activities 82
Implementing Service Projects 83
Part Four • For the Family and the Sponsor  
About This Section 87
Initial Letter to Parents 88
Orientation Meeting with Candidates, Parents, and Sponsors   89
Frequently Asked Questions from Parents 94
Readiness for the Sacraments 96
The Role of Sponsors 97
Choosing a Confirmation Name 99
“Together as a Family” Pages 100
Initial Letter to Sponsors 108
Sponsor Covenant 109
Candidate Covenant 110
Part Five • For the Parish Assembly  
About This Section 113
Parish Involvement 114
Parish Blessings 115
A Parish Flyer: Sacramental People 116
A Whole Community Assembly 124
Bulletin Announcements 128
General Intercessions 129
 Part SIX • Mystagogy  
About This Section 133
Mystagogy: An Overview 134
Mystagogical Session 1: Catechesis 136
Mystagogical Session 2: Service and Witness 138
Mystagogical Session 3: Prayer and Reflection 140
For the Life of the World 142
Reflecting on the Rite of Confirmation 143
Guidelines for Preparing a Witness Talk 144 

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