Click on the following links to view important features of our new sacraments program!

These new programs were designed with the flexibility you need to prepare children of different ages in a variety of situations.

Plus, children, catechists, and parents will love the first and only free, fully integrated sacrament preparation web site found at!

Prepare (ALL) your children...
With a beautiful keepsake Child's Book

Catechist Guides
Your catechists will love the clear objectives, solid background, and simple "Teach and Apply" process.
Involve (ALL) your families...
The Family Guide includes everything parents need to prepare children completely at home.

Renew your (WHOLE) parish!
Program Director's Manual
You will find resources and practical tools--including For the Program Director, For the Family, For the Catechist/Teacher, Preparing for Confirmation and Eucharist/Restored order, and more--that can make programming for sacramental preparation easy and effective!

Engaging Music for Children, Families, and the Whole Parish!
Each music CD for Eucharist and Reconciliation contains a variety of liturgical and catechetical songs, correlated to each chapter, and contains a mixture of songs with Spanish and English lyrics. Selected instrumental tracks are also included!

RCL Benziger Sacraments Web Site
The sacraments site is designed to companion and expand the sacraments program. The site allows:

  • Young people the opportunity to have fun and engage in multimedia activities that connect to their preparation for sacraments;

  • Parents the opportunity to further explore their role with their children in preparing for the sacraments;

  • Catechists additional assistance and support.

RCL Benziger's Eucharist and Reconciliation programs
are everything you've asked for and more...

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